The Delegation Workshop

Stuck in grind mode?

You know what I mean.

Working hard, but oh so talented. An expert, but far from your zone of genius. And also possibly tired, overworked, and living up that solopreneur life for far too long. The doer of all the things. You're the sales person, the copywriter, the social media manager, the client fulfillment assistant... literally if there's a hat, you wear it. I know, it's okay. You're safe here, grindaholic.

So now you've got some real traction in your business & you're making consistent four figure months (holy moly!!!). You're likely wondering "How can I get to five figure months now?!"

Or, maybe the question is "How can I make more and work less?"

Either way, I know one thing to be true...

Your zone of genius misses you.

Miss her back? The Delegation Workshop will coordinate that glorious reunion. A rehab experience for the anti- delegator ready to scale... the enjoyable way.

The Delegation Workshop

A two hour workshop that will DEEP dive into the elements of what to delegate, how, and why so that you can scale your business to unimaginable heights. Find your first steps for hiring, the day to day of running a team, and so much more. 



Don't believe me? Take it from them. 


So, are you in or what?