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Ready to go to the next level with a team in 2021?


I'm going to teach you how I was able to work less hours and 11x my income in 2020 by building and managing an efficient team. Whether you've never hired or you run a multi-6 figure business with a team of 8, this is for you. 

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She is the No BS Coach This Industry Needs.

Working with Tatiana was the best investment I’ve ever made. Prior to, my vision and goals were always centered around industry standards. What I “thought” I had to do. Tatiana not only empowered me to structure my agency the way I wanted to, but she gave me the strategy to do it. Everyone is always telling me the “what” but Tatiana gave me the “how”! I’ve been stuck for the past fifteen months, and I’m finally moving forward.

Courtney Davis
CEO of The Elevate Effect

Want to know what you'll learn in this free training?

I know you. You didn't come here for fluff.
You're looking for :
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I work way less now! I was able to take two weekends off from my business (a first), and I recently had my highest cash month too! Tatiana knows her stuff when it comes to all things teams and operations. 

Kirsten Roldan

CEO of Roldan Co Marketing

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How to gain clarity around your company vision

What your team needs to look like to scale

How to make your business more sustainable

Systems and processes that will help your team run smoother

How to effectively onboard a team 

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Who is Tatiana O'Hara?

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I spend my free time freeing CEOs.


After an unfulfilling corporate career of building teams and scaling operations, I quit so I could serve you instead. I teach people like you how to run a business you love (that doesn't run you) with a bomb ass team by your side the whole time. Through my services my average client was able to decrease their average working hours by about 20%, increase revenue, and ultimately stay in the oh-so-glorious zone of genius more often. One thing I realize about amazing CEOs like you, is not that you're intentionally running business harder than needed, you just truly are missing a couple puzzle pieces. Well don't worry.. I found all the pieces. Let's put them together in my live private training. 

We will cover my three part framework to:


• Create a scalable structure with a sustainable offer suite and team 

• Establish an autonomous culture so you can take a vacation.. without checking Slack

• Own your role as CEO and get so clear on your vision