• Tatiana O'Hara

Say Goodbye to Band-aid Fixes

Random weekend revelation: So Stefan and I went to get our regular couples massage this weekend. We actually got two because the first one suckeddd lol. As I'm laying down getting the second massage the masseuse was working through a kink near my shoulder. It was painful AF, and I remember thinking: "Damn, I came to get this massage to relax and feel good, but he's working out knots I didn't even know existed." It's like I wanted the surface level relief, but there was actually a lot of crap beneath the surface I didn’t realize was affecting me so much.

And when he was rubbing his freakin elbow into my back in the moment it was painful. It was the opposite of the relaxation I was searching for.

But when I left the massage… I felt so. much. better. I could honestly even breathe better. It wasn't the "feel better" you get from a light massage, but that real feel better. When the knots are all gone.

After this experience, I was relating this situation a lot to my past experiences.

Times when I wished I could magically fix problems in an instant. Wanting to patch things up just enough to stay afloat and get by.

This massage gave me the reminder that quick fixes are never as good as a true solid foundation. And while working to create that solid foundation is not easy, when you can finally see the benefits, everything seems so worth it.

This relates heavily to many aspects of life, but it really reminded me of my experience in building a team for my business. We hire because we're seeking that surface level relief. - We want to work "less" - Focus on CEO tasks - Take vacations But then we start hiring and it actually tends to get worse before it gets better.

Why is this? Because there's actually a lot of crap beneath the surface. 1. We have to figure out what the business actually needs

-What positions do I need to hire NOW and what can wait for the future 2. We have to clean up the backend 3. We have to address past traumas and lead in our own way If we're tenacious enough to do the work inside, outside, and around the business then we can actually experience the real "feel better" moments. Sometimes we stay away from the hard work that starts AFTER we hire because we don't know how to do the things. To lead, to refine operations, etc. so we only feel that fake feel better. The temporary relief before the real pain comes back. But that's why we ask for help. That's why giving yourself a massage don't hit the same lol.

Take your time with the important things. Build a strong foundation, set yourself up for success, and don’t forget to treat yo self.

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