• Tatiana O'Hara

Embrace your Authenticity as a CEO

"My hustle looks different than everyone else's, and yours does too!"

I tried to get behind this concept of waking up at 5:00 AM, getting everything done, having an early day, being super productive all the time.

Sometimes it works, and other days I wake up at 9 AM instead.

There's more than one way to be successful, and as business owners, we have to be comfortable and confident around that.

Your workflow can change every week; your routine can adjust seasonally. Let's embrace getting the job done and done well over sticking to practices that don't yield the best results or allow us to show up as our best selves.

Yes, some weeks I wake up at 5am and I'm ready to get a start on the work day, hit the gym, and go back to the grind. But let's be real, other days, I need to hit snooze until 8 or 9am. This doesn't make me lazy or mean that my business will suffer because I altered my schedule. We are all human, and different days require different needs.

At the beginning, I was constantly trying to stick to my 5am schedule. I experienced a lot of shame and guilt because one day I could get up and start my day no problem, and other days it felt almost impossible. It took me time to realize this is my life and my business and it is perfectly fine to run it how I want and how it best works for me.

We tend to look at successful people and try to imitate how they structure their days. We want to be up early, be productive, and lead healthy lifestyles. Some seasons in business will require you to be up earlier or work harder, for instance if you're in the middle of a launch. Other times in the year, your work load won't be as demanding, so it's not crucial for you to be maintaining these early hectic mornings.

Your days are truly situational, and if you are organized and keep a schedule of what needs to be done you'll have a good understanding of what your days need to look like in the future.

When we try to maintain the same work schedule throughout the year it doesn't remain productive. You have to be able to switch up your routine based on what your company needs during that particular season. It is OK to sleep in and take more time for you when you are not in the middle of a launch. It is OK to stay up a little later and enjoy some personal time with friends, family, significant others, or just yourself. You are in charge of your time and business, and nobody knows your workload like you. You have to be able to take control of the situation and always do what's best for you.

When you force yourself to do the same things over and over that are draining you, you are not going to be operating as the best version of yourself. You are human and you need time to reset and think so you can show up the best boss, leader, and entrepreneur you can be.

A lot of times we are overwhelmed with work or trying to do things like others, we forget to enjoy the many perks of running your own business! You don't have to go through your days on a strict schedule, because you are the boss. You control just about everything so don't be afraid to alter it to fit your needs.

Just because I decide to take an extra hour or two to sleep in does not mean I won't reach my revenue goal. So take that extra break and hit your snooze button a couple of times. Self care is the best way towards success.

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