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10 Lessons Learned from Being a Full Time Entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur comes with its own unique set of challenges. Running a business takes a lot of time, effort, and passion. Oftentimes, we have an idea, start working on a company, and realize this isn't what we really want to do. Then we find ourselves working overtime on something we don't even enjoy.

Starting your own company can be empowering but also daunting. Making an investment in yourself and the future can be a scary decision to make. Many entrepreneurs are often working multiple jobs in order to financially support themselves along with their new business. Having access to guidance from those who know what it's like can make all the difference. You can have the reassurance of knowing you are doing everything you can to set up and continually run a successful business.

I have now been a full-time entrepreneur for 2 years and I have learned many valuable lessons along the way.

Here are 10 tips to help new entrepreneurs get set up for success.


1. What they say about niching down is true.

I used to run an auto brokerage, sell houses, do team consulting for restaurants, and create courses. It took a while to figure out my actual lane! 2. Stay true to who you really are.

in this space but it's also hard AF. The space is super loud right now, & it can be easy to get shiny objects happy. Don't do that. 3. Step out of your comfort zone.

On that same note- run with those really strange ideas you think of at 3 am. Ya know, starting my reality series (check it out if you haven't) was a risk but SO worth it because you guys love it! 4. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Everyone is only speaking from their personal life experience, which we often know nothing about. My relationship with God has become more important than ever and helps me decipher. 5. YOU GOT DA SAUCE.

Whether you've realized it or not. People will continue to sleep on you if you sleep on you. 6. Hire the damn team!

Stop waiting until you're drowning to ask for help. And yes- the team expert herself has waited too long a time or two. 7. Go where you are loved and chosen.

You will make a lot of friends in the online space. You'll SO badly want people who "get it". But sometimes we seek from desperation, not desire. Listen to your gut. 8. Develop a routine.

Routine is hard to maintain in business but you gotta find what works for you. It may not be hitting the gym at 5 am. But you need some routine. You need to control at least part of your day. 9. Don't get caught up in the rat race.

The 6 & 7 figure year will come in due time. Don't try to hit this huge goal prematurely, meanwhile your team and clients hate you. I thought I wanted to hit a million this year but operationally and mentally I was not ready for that. My new goal reminds me to pace myself & run my own race. #millyupnexttho 10. Business has ups & downs.

Some months you'll make a lot, some you won’t. Some months you'll love it, some you won’t. It's a personal growth journey more than anything. Get a therapist, close your laptop at a certain time, and have support. You'll make it, I swear!

These lessons I have learned throughout my time as an entrepreneur will always stick with me, and I hope they can assist you in areas where you feel stuck. It is ok to set boundaries and take time off. This is your business and you have the freedom to create your own rules. Your mindset can be a strength or a weakness so be sure to use it to your advantage.

Which lesson resonated most with you and why? Comment below.

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