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5 Lessons on Turnover for Entrepreneurs

Earlier this year I shared on Instagram that my Virtual Assistant was no longer on my team. But this wasn't a sad departure! She moved on to the next phase of her life and career with a new job. We worked together for a little over a year, and all I can do is clap for her on the sidelines and celebrate our time together. She helped me get from literally nothing to where I am now. As far as systems, they didn't exist in my business before my VA came in. When I first hired her (my first REAL hire) there was no structure because there was barely a business. Your girl was just sending one-off, invoices through Dubsado to work with people. If one person was able to do this for me, imagine what hiring could do for you and your business.


The truth is, you aren't going to have the answer for everything. Hiring people allows you to use their expertise to accomplish things you never knew were possible. It is supposed to make your life easier.

As a small business owner, taking the step to make a hire can be intimidating. You're spending your own money to train and employ someone who will be in charge of a portion of your business. If they don't perform to your standards it feels like a waste of both time and money, which is a big deterrent for a lot of entrepreneurs. You're scared to take the risk because you're scared it won't work.

But trust me it is SO worth it. As much as your team learns from you, you can learn from them.

When we do find a great employee, we wish they could stay with us forever, but unfortunately, that's unrealistic. Opportunities are constantly changing. Now more than ever, it's just so okay to shift, to change, and to pivot in your life. And others are doing the same.

You can't let the fear of your employees leaving you stop you from hiring in the first place.

Here are 5 lessons in turnover that you may encounter when team building:

  1. Yes, people will leave. - People are going to quit, their schedule will change, life will happen, etc. So instead focus on enjoying the time you have with them rather than focusing on the fear of "I'm scared to hire people because they're just going to leave me."

  2. Invest in them - Take an interest in who they are as people and their interests outside of working with you. Go a step further & teach them. Let them learn from you. We should be excited that we as entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create spaces for people to grow.

  3. SOPs save lives - It's great to have these internally but they really come in handy when you're onboarding a new hire. SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures, map out what needs to be done and how in your business. This helps any new team member get clarity on their role, and helps you to keep operating your business with fewer hiccups when transitioning hires.

  4. Work relationships take time - You might interview them, be blown away, then you start working with them and you're like "What the hell is this? This is not what they told me in the interview." You have to account for the curve that comes with training, onboarding, and understanding working with different personalities.

  5. Your workload can increase - In this space of small teams and entrepreneurship, it's normal if someone leaves your business and you feel it for a little bit. You may have to do more of the extra work because there was a role, it was filled, and now that person is gone. Nut don't use this as an excuse to not hire again.

The people you have in your team right now are most likely not going to be here in five years and that's OKAY! Some of them might be, but most of them probably won't be. So the way that we have to look at team building is not having this fear of, "Oh, I never want to hire people because they're just going to quit on me." When we hold all of that stuff in that's when we kind of start making really immature CEO decisions in the future that are really gonna stunt our growth in a way.

Now, here's why you should still invest in hiring:

You have the chance right now to build something great. You have the chance to have a team of people that can fully support you where you are right now. You don't have to let go of that opportunity because of fear of turnover because guess what? There are so many people out there looking for an opportunity to really be the expert and to support you in the capacity that they can

Don't get in your own way. Hire the team so you can operate in your zone of genius. Try not to focus on how long they'll be with you, but how they contribute to your team. Having a great employee for a year makes a much bigger impact than having an ok employee with you for years.

Change is always scary, and when we find an employee we trust, it's hard to let go. It's easy to get attached to your team, especially when it's small. You have to remember everyone has to do what's best for them, and if an employee moves on to another opportunity, it's not about you. Be happy for them. They helped you get to where you are, and you helped them.

Stop waiting around. Hire your team and get the help you never knew you needed.

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