• Tatiana O'Hara

The 4 Stages of (Mis)hiring

Making a hire can be a scary and stressful process. It is an investment we take in hopes it helps us run our businesses more efficiently, but you've probably lived through or heard of horror stories from friends who have made bad hires. Trusting someone to take on a part of your business does not come easy, and it is easy to get caught up in hiring quickly instead of efficiently.

So what are the stages of (mis)hiring and what does the cycle look like?

Stage 1: You're burnt out.

Doing everything yourself becomes exhausting and impossible to manage. We often become frantic and decide we need help NOW. While making a hire is necessary, we feel we need immediate action.

Stage 2: You rush and hire

Being over worked leads to added stress, which encourages us to make quick fixes so we can finally have our head out of water. I know there is a lot of pressure to find the help you need, but it is crucial to take your time in this stage. Finding the right hire for you could be a completely different process than your friend who has gone through it.

Stage 3: There's no onboarding or training

When we rush to hire, we rush the onboarding and training. We need help so desperately we want our new hire to hit the ground running. This causes major issues down the road. Your new hire isn't aware of how you work and like things done, and they're just scrambling to give you something.

Stage 4: You're short staffed

With no training or direction, your employees will become stressed, confused, and burnt out. The communication is not present and this produces a viscous cycle of not being able to keep employees.

This cycle continues to repeat itself if we don't take action to change our ways

Quick fixes sound great on paper, but unfortunately they rarely work in the long run. The reason people get so deterred from making hires, is because they're scared of wasting time, money, and resources.

If you truly take your time in this process you'll be able to find a great fit for the role you're looking for.

Once you find someone for this position, you're work doesn't stop there...

⁣Engaging your team is all about creating buy-in and truly leading them. Becoming the captain of the ship gives your crew excellent guidance and allows them to meet their potential. Master this and you’ll have vacations in your future.⁣

The reason why relationships with assistants, contractors, and employees aren't working out, is not because the team member wasn't doing a good job...They didn't lie on their resume. It's because we as CEOs weren't clear on the role we hired them for.

Strategic hiring means putting an end to rushing out to hire, bringing someone in with the expectation they're going to save the day, but we weren't clear on what we need help with.

Inside the Grindaholics Anonymous program, we walk you through what a well-thought-out hiring process (with templates ready for you) looks like that reflects the way you want your team to work with you.

We also provide relapse avoidance. How do you maintain all this? Now that you have the team and the “business of your dreams” how do you keep it up for good? This is the element most frameworks and programs miss and is the main reason for high turnover.

Because what we don't want is for you to go out and repeat this cycle over and over again.

When you apply for Grindaholics Anonymous, you'll receive access to a private training where we show you step by step what the RECOVER framework can look like for you! ⁣

Business is cool alone, but even more meaningful with others.

You’re invited to recover with us! Apply for free today.

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