I'm Tatiana & I'm an Agency & Team Operations Coach. But if you're here, I'd hope you already knew that. I work with high caliber CEO's that are experiencing rapid growth, yet they've hit a bump in the road. A bottleneck, if you will. I show them how to restructure and optimize their team in a way that will allow the company vision to come into fruition. My corporate background combined with my passion for entrepreneurship serves my clients well, but now I'm growing and I need your help!

Now, if we're gonna work together, there's a few things you should know about me and my brand:

- Grindaholics Anonymous is my signature group coaching program and the focal point of my brand. In 6 months we take entrepreneurs from solo and struggling, to having a high performing team to support them as they scale. Learn about that here.

- Work hard, play hard is a core value of mine. Work should should be fun and also efficient

- My brand is growing... fast. We are constantly outgrowing our systems and creating new ones. This will be a fun role, but you have to be down for the ride.

- Ironically, I've become the bottleneck in my own business recently. Managing quite a few contractors and a full time employee keeps me so busy that I rarely have time to do my own CEO work. *Insert you here*

Operations Manager

Sound like you? This is a Full Time salaried position in Atlanta, GA. You will work remote with monthly in person working days. You must be available between 10am-6pm EST M-F. No weekend work with the exception of 1-2 client retreats per year. Pay will range from $4500- $5000 per month (based on experience and skillset) plus incentivized revenue based bonuses. You will enjoy benefits like paid holidays, 3 weeks paid vacation, sick/personal days, and a healthcare stipend. Experience working with teams required, and bonus points if you've worked in corporate. We're unicorns dude. 

Okay Tatiana. I'm liking this. What do you need me to do?

As the Operations Manager you will be my other half! Overseeing the team, managing projects and deadlines, assisting in growth activities, and putting me in position to stay in my zone of genius. You have experience managing operations for high performing businesses and aren't a stranger to small business and how vastly different it can be. Your day to day will be autonomous with checkins with me scheduled throughout the week. Here are some of the specific duties you can expect:

1. Operations Management

  • Assisting in driving the company to achieve and surpass sales, profitability, cash flow and business goals and objectives. 

  • Responsible for establishing and managing internal and external processes and key performance indicators for the business and for their measurement and effectiveness. 

  • Maintain continuous lines of communication, keeping the CEO informed of all critical issues. 

  • Prepare notes and presentations and leading specific meetings, such as recurring daily, weekly, quarterly meetings

  • Creating, reviewing, and managing company goals, project plans, and outcomes

  • Overseeing company email, calendar, and scheduling 

  • Increase our efficiency and productivity by systematizing, documenting, and improving processes. 

  • Create project plans and manage them from start to finish, while making continuous improvements. 

  • Monitor progress and ensure benchmarks and metrics for success are clearly defined.

  • Ensure compliance with relevant tech and regulation updates

  • Assist in the protection of the organization by ensuring it is legally protected and by ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and policies. 

  • Work with our Tech VA to document and maintain all company systems and standard operating processes

2. Team Management

  • Provide day-to-day leadership and management guidance to the team and CEO. 

  • Helping me stay on task daily by managing projects, team communication, and client communication. 

  • Keep our Clickup clean, organized, and easy to navigate for all. 

  • Accountable for day-to-day contact with team with proactive and empathetic communication.

  • Ensuring team has all of the tools they need to be successful and that I am not a bottleneck for them to complete tasks. 

  • Managing the hiring process, onboarding, and training for future hires. 

3. Local Support

  • Plan, organize, execute, and facilitate live events, including managing budgets, securing vendors and location, schedule, attendee communication, etc.

  • Meet with Tatiana at least 1x a month for in person working.

  • Assisting to coordinate annual team retreat in July 2022.

Platforms you can expect to use:

  • Clickup

  • Airtable

  • Google Suite

  • Active Campaign

  • Slack

  • Thrivecart

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn & other hiring websites

How we measure success

Productivity 📊

  • Team task completion

  • Efficiency 

  • Project timeline managment

You're perfect if...

  • You nerd out over details and are very organized.

  • You have great leadership experience and know how to manage virtual team members.

  • You live in the Atlanta area and are able to meet in person 1 or more times per month. 

  • You have experience working in a small business setting with an everchanging structure and workflow.

  • You know what it takes to scale company operations and are comfortable holding me accountable (because I can be quite forgetful)

  • You have experience in the online space and enjoy giving it your all in a intrapreneurial role. That's a real word. Look it up.

  • You're not easily overwhelmed and you love managing lots of moving pieces.

  • If you read this far, on your application, under "name" also tell me your favorite song by Drake, aka the best artist ever.

  • You have a proven and documented track record in an operations role in a high growth organization.

  • You like to have fun at work, but you also get shit done. You're a direct communicator and don't beat around the bush.

  • You're looking to grow in a small company with massive potential. 

  • You believe #BlackLivesMatter and are an advocate for equality across all races and sexual orientations. We have a very diverse client base and it's important we share that value. 

Ready to do this?
Applications due by February 25th, 2022

Growth 📩

  • The company's ability to increase capacity 

  • Profit margins