Stuck in grind mode?

You know what I mean.

Working hard, but oh so talented. An expert, but far from your zone of genius. And also possibly tired, overworked, and living up that solopreneur life for far too long. The doer of all the things. You're the sales person, the copywriter, the social media manager, the client fulfillment assistant... literally if there's a hat, you wear it. I know, it's okay. You're safe here, grindaholic.

So now you've got some real traction in your business & you're making consistent four figure months (holy moly!!!). You're likely wondering "How can I get to five figure months now?!"

Or, maybe the question is "How can I make more and work less?"

Either way, I know one thing to be true...

Your zone of genius misses you.

Miss her back? Escape The Grind is the workshop that will coordinate that glorious reunion. A rehab experience for the anti- delegator ready to scale... the enjoyable way.

Ready to build something epic?

Escape The Grind is a one day, multiple session "rehab" workshop for entrepreneurs making consistent revenue that are ready to get off the hamster wheel of solopreneur life. Ready to hire. Ready to build a team. Even if they only work 10 hours a month to start. This workshop will show you how to say buh-bye to all anxiety around the idea of delegating tasks to others. It's everything you need going into 2021. And honestly, it's going to be mind-blowing.

The Details:

Tuesday June 15th 2021

11am- 4pm EST



But there's more!!! *drum roll* I'm super excited to announce that you'll have an opportunity to apply to join me for my BONUS VIP Private Masterclass on Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 for no additional investment (more details provided after you secure your seat).

Multiple sessions, hot seat coaching, and a VIP Q&A session

Don't believe me? Take it from them. 


So, are you in or what?