I'm Tatiana & I'm an Agency & Team Operations Coach. But if you're here, I'd hope you already knew that. I work with high caliber CEO's that are experiencing rapid growth, yet they've hit a bump in the road. A bottleneck, if you will. I show them how to restructure and optimize their team in a way that will allow the company vision to come into fruition. My corporate background combined with my passion for entrepreneurship serves my clients well, but now I'm growing and I need your help!

Now, if we're gonna work together, there's a few things you should know about me and my brand:

- Grindaholics Anonymous is my signature group coaching program and the focal point of my brand. In 6 months we take entrepreneurs from solo and struggling, to having a high performing team to support them as they scale. Learn about that here.

- Having fun and having a sense of humor is a core value of mine. Work shouldn't suck. 

- My brand is growing... fast. We are constantly outgrowing our systems and creating new ones. This will be a fun role, but you have to be down for the ride.

- I love marketing and having strategies that are different than the status quo Instagram carousel content. I just no longer have the time to do it! So the two of us together can dominate the online biz world. 



Sound like you? This contractor role will start at 10-15 hours a week and scale up as I do. Pay will range from $18-$25 an hour based on experience and skillset. Experience working with social media required, and bonus points if you've worked in corporate. We're unicorns dude.

Okay Tatiana. I'm liking this. What do you need me to do?

As our MC, you will create and implement all marketing efforts to continue to position Grindaholics Anonymous as the industry leading coaching program for team building in the entrepreneur community. Your impact will be massive and you will have creative dominion over this aspect of the Tatiana O'Hara Coaching Company. We aren't looking for a typical "Social Media Manager". The MC is the true marketing brain of our company and must come with some serious creativity and follow through. Here's some of the things you can expect to do day to day:

1. Content Management

  • Posting to social channels including Instagram feed, creating Instagram Stories,Facebook business page and private groups, LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Design graphics for basic lead magnets, presentation creation, social media graphics, etc. 

  • Ensuring the CEO feels supported—all social platforms and marketing inquiries are held and nurtured, without the CEO’s input. Our social platforms are representative of our brand, current, and comments are responded to in a timely manner.

  • Writing captions for posts

  • Scheduling posts 

  • Repurposing IG lives and older content into new posts, story ideas, and emails

  • Researching top hashtags and staying up to date on industry trends 

  • Managing analytics and reporting results weekly through a system created by MC

2. Marketing Strategy

  • Assist in marketing strategies to align with launch calendar and projects each year

  • Develop out-of-the-box strategies for expanding brand awareness and growing the customer base

  • Creating a plan for Tik Tok content

  • Oversee email newsletters and periodic email campaigns, including writing and creation plus reporting

3. Lead Generation

  •  Implementation of SMS marketing and creating all campaigns around it

  • Coordinate and oversee the creation of the marketing assets to attract new leads (i.e. landing pages, email marketing funnels, automated webinars, etc)

  • Proactively reach out to leadership / PR opportunities such as articles, podcasts, webinars

4. Various Marketing Admin

  • Maintaining all SOPs in reference to marketing department

  • Organizing client testimonials and repurposing them throughout total marketing plan

  • Work closely with Program Manager to ensure affiliate program is successful

  • Meet with CEO on a weekly basis to discuss current and future initiatives

Platforms you can expect to use:

  • Planoly (or content scheduler of your choosing)

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Tik Tok 

  • LinkedIn

  • ActiveCampaign

  • ThriveCart

  • Canva

  • ClickUp

  • Google Drive

  • Airtable

How we measure success

Social Media 🗣

  • Growth: Instagram Follows + Likes

  • Engagement: Comments

Emails 📝

  • Email Newsletter Open Rates

  • Email Subscribers

You're perfect if...

  • You nerd out over details and are very organized.

  • You have great availability. I'm in EST time zone. Atlanta to be specific. Bonus points if you're local to Atlanta!

  • You promise to never use the words "boss babe" or other over used female entrepreneur lingo.

  • Interested in being pushed and challenged. Joining a growing company is no joke.

  • You have experience in hands on marketing with companies that are both online businesses and larger corporations.

  • You're not easily overwhelmed and you love managing lots of moving pieces.

  • If you read this far, on your application, under "name" also tell me what Usher was doing at 7 o'clock on the dot in his drop top.

  • You have experience with basic design and copywriting.

  • You promise to not ask me questions that can be answered via Google.

  • You're looking for a part time role now that you can grow into. You're not juggling several jobs/clients at once. 

Ready to do this?

Applications due by May 10th, 2021

Program Applications 📩

  • # applications per month for Grindaholics Anonymous

Follow Through 👊🏽

  • Weekly content plans created on time

  • Autonomous in role